DesktopStaff® is a Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) company providing flexible and affordable
Virtual Staffing, Contact Centers and Web Services.

We are a trusted partner empowering your business with the people and technology to improve your focus, stay competitive and in many cases drastically cut operating costs.

Yes, Cut Costs! Whether you need a one time web site design, full time Web Developer or a complete 24/7/365 Contact Center, we are focused on the simple goal of effectively and affordably serving your needs.

Our philosophy is to combine expertise, effective communication and the latest technology to help you reach your optimum efficiency and key business focus.

Companies of all sizes can now capitalize fully from the benefits of outsourcing their contact centers and web service needs offshore. American managed, our team works with the same business practices you and your customers are accustomed to.

Contact Us Now to gain the advantage needed in Today's Global Economy!


"Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination"

-- unknown author

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